Awesome Dawgs Dog Training, LLC – located at 3052 Pricetown Road, Temple –  offers comprehensive and positive training for you and your dog. Everything from basic obedience and behavior to advanced techniques and talents is offered at Awesome Dawgs’ new indoor training facility and in several other locations around Berks County. Awesome Dawgs also offers Begin Animal Rescue Correctly (BARC), a program developed specifically for adopted dogs and their new families.

Even great dogs like those at the Humane League of Lancaster County and Humane Society of Berks County sometimes need a little help. Whether it’s adapting to the environment and routines of a new adoptive home, learning to live with and react appropriately to new people and animals, overcoming fears or anxieties or just learning good behaviors and habits, all dogs can benefit from positive training.

Of course, you won’t want to miss out on The Dawg Store, because what is training without a few rewards? The Dawg Store offers durable and engaging toys, delicious and healthy treats, amazing foods and tons of accessories and gifts to have your dog feeling and looking his very best.

Finally, you can talk to the trainers from Awesome Dawgs and your best friend can sample some of the excellent treats when you visit Spike’s Doggie Bar at Pints for Pups and the Walk for the Animals!

Our friends at Awesome Dawgs Dog Training, LLC & The Dawg Store are here to offer you and your dog the skills you need to become truly awesome.

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  • “Second-Hand Dog” by Carol Lea Benjamin
  • “The Right Dog for You” by Daniel F. Tortora
  • “Paws to Consider” by Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson


Animal Poison Control Center


Half of the animals entering shelters in our region enter as strays.  Your pet must have proper identification (collar with ID or license and microchip), have proper supervision, and be in a securely fenced area if outside and not under direct supervision.  Consider fencing alternatives such as Invisible Fence (click here for details).

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