Who will care for your pet when you cannot?

If you become incapacitated, do you have friends or family members who can commit to providing a life time of care to your pets? If not, we have an option to ensure that your pets will always be cared for.

The Humane Pennsylvania Foundation’s Legacy of Love program ensures that your pet will always have a safe, loving home to live in. Working with you we create a formal detailed agreement that includes such information as the type of home your pet requires,  if you have two pets who need to go into a home home together, a feeding/medication schedule, and various personality traits to ensure the best possible new home for your best friend once you can no longer care for him.

Your pet is enrolled in the program once we have a signed agreement in place and you have included the provided language in your estate planning, will, trust, Power of Attorney, or a Personal Representation Agreement and set aside payment to Humane Pennsylvania Foundation of $10,000 per pet for the program through your estate or trust.

Should your pets ever need our care, your attorney or another assigned person will contact the Humane Pennsylvania Foundation and we will take your pets into our program and start them on their path to an adoptive home that meets the requirements set in our agreement. The funds that you set aside through your estate will go towards your pet’s every day care, veterinary visits, and incidentals such as grooming while your pet is in our care. When a new home is found for your beloved pet, any remaining funds will remain in the Humane Pennsylvania Foundation to continue our work to ensure that every animal has a safe and secure home.

For more information, please contact Lauren Henderson, Director of Events and Corporate Relations, at (610) 750-6100, ext. 211, or lhenderson@humanepa.org.