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lindy-scholarHumane Pennsylvania has served people and animals in need since our founding more than a century ago. We have led the way in finding new solutions to old problems and making our community safer, healthier and happier for animals and the people who love them. Of course, we only accomplish this mission with the help of our donors. The Lindy Scholar Legacy Society, named for the HSBC’s dedicated director of seventeen years who served until her untimely passing in 2004, is one of the ways you can join us in providing a secure future for the animals of Berks County.

ESTATE PLANNING through the Lindy Scholar Society offers an opportunity for those who have loved animals all their lives to make a lasting impact, even after their passing. It’s also a wonderful way for Humane Pennsylvania to recognize your dedication and offer our thanks now, to plan ahead for Humane Pennsylvania’s future, and to share with you the lifesaving work you will be helping to make possible today. You can make it possible for Humane Pennsylvania and its partner organizations to plan ahead for the future.

Your gift can enable us to find homes for more animals, heal more animals from illness and injury, educate more children in humane ethics and rescue more animals from neglect. Additionally, estate gifts can have very real tax benefits to you now.

To discuss joining the Lindy Scholar Legacy Society and adding Humane Pennsylvania to your will or making your wishes known in estate planning, please contact Brian Pinto, Director of Special Projects , at (610) 750-6100, ext 299, or