What does it take to ensure that every pet has the food, vaccines, and other support they need to be happy and healthy? Humane Pennsylvania’s Healthy Pets Initiative (HPI)!

The concept is simple – deliver preventative and wellness services to 100% of pets in need. With the generous support of the Giorgi Foundation, Humane Pennsylvania’s Healthy Pets Initiative is making it happen!

What: HPI intends to provide pet wellness services to 100% of pet owners in need throughout our service area (the City of Reading and beyond) – that’s almost 100,000 pets in nearly 42,000 households!

How: To achieve our goal, you’ll see us out in force:

• Holding pay-what-you-can vaccine clinics in convenient locations throughout our service area to ensure pets don’t succumb to preventable diseases.
• Providing tens of thousands of microchips to ensure pets can be quickly reunited with their owners if they should become separated.
• Offering spay/neuter services to ensure every pet receives the health and behavioral benefits these procedures provide.
• Operating Spike’s Pet Pantry and partnering with Helping Harvest and other groups to ensure local food pantries are stocked with pet food so no pet ever has to go hungry.
• Performing a pet ownership census by phone, mail, and email to help us see exactly where pets in need are living and how we can best deliver our services.

Who: HPI is a program of Humane Pennsylvania, all medical services are provided by Humane Veterinary Hospitals and funding is generously provided by the Giorgi Foundation and supporters of Humane Pennsylvania.

Why: Because we are committed to the health and welfare of the people and pets of our community! We are serving our community in a way no other animal welfare organization ever has — by connecting with, and delivering services to 100% of its pets!
To learn more about HPI, whether you are in need of pet support services or you are interested in helping deliver pet wellness services, call 484-869-2916.

Humane Pennsylvania’s Healthy Pets Initiative: Building the Best Community Anywhere to be an Animal!

More Healthy Pets Programs Coming Soon

Humane Pennsylvania is growing its veterinary practices in Reading and Lancaster, renovating its shelter and community clinic in Reading, and will also be providing increased ultra-low cost spay/neuter clinics to serve the Lancaster community. Under a recent $3.1 million Giorgi Family Foundation grant we will also be provided increased community services in the Reading, Berks County region through 2022.

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