Address: 1350 Schuylkill Ave., Reading, PA 19604
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What does it take to ensure that every single pet has the good, vaccines and other support it needs to stay happy and healthy?  Humane Pennsylvania’s Healthy Pets Initiative (HPI)!  The concept is simple: deliver preventative and wellness services to 100% of the pets in need in the City of Reading and surrounding communities.  To date, no other organization in the country has had the ability to make such a audacious goal a reality.  But Humane Pennsylvania’s Healthy Pets Initiative is making it happen!

While the HPI team is always out and about the community serving the people and pets of Berks County, our headquarters is the Humane Pennsylvania Community Resource Center of Reading, located at 1350 Schuylkill Ave, Reading, PA 19601.  There you can access our Spike’s Pet Pantry, vaccine/microchip clinics and other wellness and community outreach activities.  Stop by and say hi!


Spike’s Pet Pantry

Open Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2-6 PM (closed holidays and in inclement weather)

To learn more, click here.

Free vaccine/microchip clinics

The HPI team hosts free vaccine and microchip clinics for dogs and cats in locations throughout the City of Reading and beyond.  To view the current schedule and to sign up for a click near you, click here.


For more information about HPI or the Community Resource Center of Reading, or to donate or volunteer, please call 484-869-5126.


Humane Pennsylvania’s Healthy Pets Initiative:

Building the Best Community, Anywhere, to be an Animal!