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Another way the HSBC is a very different Humane Society.

For years, animal shelters have built cat adoption and holding rooms that were neither happy or healthy for cats or a pleasant experience for adopters. Cold stainless steel, clinical plastic, poor ventilation and lighting, and drab beige walls have been the standard for cat rooms because animals shelters thought they were the only affordable and sanitary way to create them. The result: stressed out cats, uncomfortable adopters, and the continuation of the image of animal shelters being sad, unpleasant places.

The Humane Society of Berks County is working to change that image and to show that it is possible to make an animal shelter safe and healthy for animals, as well as warm and inviting for adopters– all for the same cost as those dreary old facilities. The Cat Adoption Center was our first step. With roomy, well lit individual and group habitats for cats, private “get-to-know-you” adoption rooms, a comfortable and inviting “human side”, hospital grade ventilation to keep the cats healthy, and all the important technical needs to allow staff and volunteers to care for the cats properly, the Cat Adoption Center provides the best of every world.

Best of all, the Center cost no more than a traditional, stainless steel cage adoption center. At the Humane Society of Berks County, we’re working hard to find new ways to address and old problem.


America’s best, right here in Berks.

For too long, animal shelters have thought that they needed to be huge and rich to have the kind of modern, animal and human friendly, state-of-the-art adoption centers like the “big boys” in San Francisco or New York. The Humane Society of Berks County asked, “Why can’t we do it here?” In 2007 we opened our Cat Adoption Center and it was unlike anything this region had seen. Now, we have done the same for dogs with the opening of the LaVigna Dog Adoption Center.

Others may be bigger, but we humbly submit that none are better. Designed to be pleasing and inviting to the human adopters the dogs need and safe and pleasant for the dogs in our care, the LaVigna Center is a model for what smaller animal shelters can do. Chain link adoption centers are so 1975 and our dogs shouldn’t be in cages. That’s why our comfy, well lit rooms with heated floors are less like cages and more like rooms. It’s not quite home, so we call them habitats- you need to provide the home!

Even if you think you aren’t looking for a new canine companions for yourself and your family, stop by the LaVigna Dog Adoption Center at our Scholar Animal Welfare Center in Reading. Say, Hi!, to the dogs, see what a shelter can really do when it tries and, who knows, you might even fall in love.

The Humane Society of Berks County thanks the hundreds of individual donors, large and small, who supported the construction of the LaVigna Dog Adoption Center. We couldn’t do it without you!

The LaVigna Dog Adoption Center is named in memory of Joni LaVigna, the HSBC’s former Chief Humane Society Police Officer. Joni was an integral part of the vision and planning of the HSBC’s new adoption centers. Unfortunately, Joni passed away before completion of the the Dog Adoption Center. The staff and Board of the HSBC are proud to recognize our dearly missed family member through this memorial dedication.