James and Phillip (235656 and 235655): James and Phillip are two handsome 2-year-olds who have had to search for their happy ending not once but twice. Sadly, life hasn’t worked out for these boys so far, but they know one thing–nothing is as bad as it seems when they have each other.
James and Phillip have lived with other cats before and have done well; however, these boys do not like dogs, so are looking for a dog-free home to call their own. James and Phillip have not lived with children but may do well with children who are calm and respect their space. James describes himself as a social butterfly and is the first one to greet visitors. and loves to be pet and snuggled. Phillip tends to be more reserved and prefers James to scope out the scene before he makes his entrance. Don’t be deterred, though; Phillip loves to snuggle up with his people once things are nice and quiet.
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❤James and Phillip are available for adoption at PetSmart: 2395 Lincoln Hwy E · Lancaster, Pa, 17602