Selene (234858) Lancaster: Meet Selene, an adorable 8-month-old spayed female domestic shorthair in search of her forever home. While she may be young, Selene has already shown that she can be easily overstimulated and appreciates having attention on her own terms.

Due to her tendency to become overstimulated, Selene thrives in an environment where she can dictate the level of attention she receives. She appreciates a calm and patient approach when it comes to interaction and prefers gentle petting and chin scratches. Once she feels comfortable and secure, Selene will reward you with her affectionate nature and the sweetest purrs.

Selene would do best in a quiet and peaceful home where she can relax and feel at ease. She would appreciate a dedicated and understanding owner who can provide her with a safe space to retreat to when she needs alone time. A predictable routine and a calm environment will allow Selene to flourish and be her true self.

If you are an experienced cat owner who understands the needs of an easily overstimulated feline and can offer Selene the patient and understanding environment she craves, then she may be the perfect companion for you. With love, patience, and a little bit of space, you will be rewarded with the unwavering loyalty and affection of this remarkable young cat.