Teeny Tiny (233133) Lancaster: No animal enjoys being in a shelter, but for some, it can be completely overwhelming. Poor 2-year-old Teeny Tiny is not having a good time at the Lancaster Center. She is stressed and shuts down when everything gets too much for her, but sometimes, when Teeny Tiny is so overwhelmed, she hisses and growls–not because she is mean but because she doesn’t know how else to say “Please, things are just too scary for me right now. I’d like to be left alone.” But sometimes, when it’s quiet, and you murmur what a pretty girl she is–, you’ll get teeny, tiny head bonk. In her previous home, Teeny Tiny enjoyed being pet, being loved on, and playing with toys. This petite feline would do best in a calm, quiet home that will be patient while she comes out of her shell. Teeny has lived with other cats and would benefit from living with a mellow housemate to show her life really isn’t as scary as it seems. While we are trying to make Teeny Tiny’s stay here more comfortable and as stress-free as possible, we can never be as comfortable and peaceful as a forever home–something we know Teeny desperately wants to be a part of. Are you interested in learning more about Teeny Tiny? Visit the Lancaster Center today.