Ziggy (234857) Lancaster: Meet Ziggy, an adorable 8-month-old neutered domestic shorthair in search of his forever home!

While Ziggy is a friendly and affectionate kitty, he can become easily overstimulated. This means that he may become overwhelmed in certain situations, leading to excessive excitement. It’s important to recognize his limits and provide him with a calm and peaceful environment when needed. With understanding and gentle guidance, Ziggy can learn to manage his overstimulation and thrive in a loving home.

In terms of his living arrangements, a quiet and calm environment where Ziggy can relax and feel secure would be ideal for this sensitive guy. Providing him with his own safe space, such as a cozy cat bed or a designated room, can help him retreat and unwind when he feels the need.

If you’re an experienced cat owner who understands the unique needs of a kitty who can be easily overstimulated, Ziggy is eagerly waiting to meet you!