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K9 Care is a program established by Humane Pennsylvania to provide support such as safety equipment and veterinary care to Berks and Lancaster County’s active and retired police dogs, also known as “K9” Officers.

Since 2010, Humane Pennsylvania has offered discounted or free veterinary services to selected K9

Officers upon request.  In December of 2010, Humane Pennsylvania donated two K9 bullet-proof vests to the Berks County Sheriff’s department’s K9 officers.

Recent conversation about the current needs of the K9 Officers in our community has inspired us to expand this service to provide FREE veterinary care to all actively serving and retired K9 Officers in Berks and Lancaster Counties, effective immediately.

Services will be provided by the region’s leading veterinary staff at each of Humane Pennsylvania’s AAHA accredited Humane Veterinary Hospitals.

Committed to Community K9s

To access K9 Care services, caretakers of actively serving or retired K9 Officers from Berks or Lancaster Counties are welcomed contact:

Damon March, Chief Operating Officer
(610) 650-7500 ext. 218 | email:

Proof of police service is required.  Appointments for veterinary care are also required.