Striving To End Preventable Animal Suffering

The Healthy Pets Initiative (HPI) is an audacious and novel animal welfare intervention intended to undercut the causes of preventable animal suffering and shelter intake on a community-wide scale.

Based on the industry leading community veterinary programs and supports developed by Humane Pennsylvania, and utilizing specific standard practices, HPI arranges and coordinates this constellation of services in a unique form. The premise is that animal suffering has been attacked with a level of resources suited for lower level endemic problems when most poor communities face underlying causes of epidemic proportions, requiring fundamentally different interventions.

Utilizing human disease epidemic intervention approaches, HPI is a massive ramping up of service delivery in a short period of time (two to three years). This short-term, heavily resourced intervention is intended to establish that a community’s core problems can be targeted and addressed in a limited time frame and allow for a ramping down and return to standard levels of resource offering and costs.

Healthy Pets Initiative Methodology:

  • Services with Dignity: provide access to comprehensive wellness and preventive vet services including; affordable, industry-leading veterinary care, sterilization services, universal microchip identification, and pet food access
  • Humane Education: community-focused family outreach programs and resources to support community pet owners and share helpful insights to further strengthen the human-animal bond

By achieving delivery of 100% of needed animal welfare supports in one economically strained community through massive intervention, Humane Pennsylvania believes it can demonstrate that lower typical, traditional levels of animal welfare supports will be sufficient to maintain these high levels in subsequent years. This would provide a scalable approach which would be sustainable in the long term without requiring perpetually high retention costs.

More Healthy Pets Programs Coming Soon

Humane Pennsylvania will continue to expand its veterinary practices in Reading and Lancaster, renovating its shelter and community clinic in Reading, and expanding its ultra-low cost spay/neuter clinics to serve the Lancaster community. Under a recent $3.1 million Giorgi Family Foundation grant we will also be provided increased community services in the Reading, Berks County region through 2022.

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