A Free Service Provided by Humane Pennsylvania

PetNet has been recognized by Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government as a “Government Innovation” program.

Sometimes even the best pet caretaker needs a little help.  When they do, PetNet is there. When disaster strikes, whether it is a house fire, a personal catastrophe, domestic violence, or a hurricane, pet owners are often faced with an unthinkable dilemma: choosing between their own safety and that of their family or abandoning a beloved family pet.  Thanks to Humane Pennsylvania’s PetNet program, that decision can be made a little easier.

PetNet was originally formed as a way to help victims of domestic violence flee their abusers by providing foster care to pets who could not be taken into domestic violence shelters. Since then the program has expanded to help the pets of caretakers who are temporarily in need of emergency housing for a variety of reasons. Often, simply providing emergency housing to a pet for a day, week, or month can mean the difference between a pet being surrendered to an animal shelter and remaining with their human companion.

Temporary housing is provided at both of our shelters, and by a network of dedicated pet foster homes. In addition to shelter, pets receive food from Spike’s Pet Pantry and, when available, necessary pet supplies. Basic vaccinations and medical care may be provided at no cost to the owner if funds are available.

Those requiring PetNet services are generally referred by emergency management agencies, government health and welfare agencies, domestic violence centers, and hospitals.

If you know of an organization that could benefit from becoming a PetNet partner or know of an individual that may require PetNet services, Please contact adoptreading@humanepa.org or adoptlancaster@humanepa.org to learn more.

PetNet is a program offered in partnership with Safe Berks, which provides services for victim of domestic and sexual violence. If you or someone you know may need Safe Berks assistance click here to visit their website.

If you would like to support PetNet through donations of financial contributions, unopened pet food, or new pet supplies, please contact your preferred adoption center location:

Freedom Center for Animal Life-Saving

Humane Pennsylvania Lancaster Campus