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Humane Pennsylvania is an innovative national leader in animal welfare, with adoption centers, accredited non-profit veterinary hospitals, emergency animal rescue services, community pet assistance programs, an animal-focused charitable foundation, and a free, public dog park.

We are the region’s largest partnership of animal welfare organizations, combining the efforts and resources of managed intake and adoption guarantee animal shelters, adoption centers, non-profit veterinary hospitals and clinics, equine rescue, emergency animal service organizations, animal welfare management services, an animal focused charitable foundation, and even a free public dog park.

Alone, each of these organizations could do a lot to help animals. Together, they can do anything to help animals.  Founded in 2013 as merger between two of Pennsylvania’s oldest and most respected sheltering organizations, Humane Pennsylvania is now a statewide and national force to save animals and help people be the best caretakers they can be.

We can’t just wait for the fractured animal welfare community to set aside its differences and come together to create humane communities in the future.  Humane Pennsylvania and its partner organizations chose to come together to form a humane community now.  By working together, Humane Pennsylvania delivers veterinary services to tens of thousands of clients; provides preventative and emergency services which keep thousands of animals safe and sound in their homes; and rescues, houses, and treats thousands of homeless pets.

Our unique partnership brings together the personnel, facilities, program, and service resources needed to make a real difference.  As a result, Humane Pennsylvania partner animal shelters have achieved among the highest successful outcomes rates in animal welfare.  And we are not stopping there.  We hope you will be a Humane Pennsylvania partner and help us to change the face of animal welfare in the years to come.