Your support for Humane Pennsylvania means more to us now than ever.

Humane Pennsylvania is a private, non-profit, charitable organization (501c3). All of our funding comes from direct charitable gifts and service fees. We do not receive funding from the federal, state or local government, or from national interest groups such as HSUS or ASPCA.


There are 3 donation options available:
make a ONE-TIME donation, add a MEMORIAL or HONORARIUM, or become a MONTHLY DONOR.

All online donations are 100% secure. Rest assured that when you donate to Humane Pennsylvania, your charitable dollars are being spent in the right place: on the animals!

If you choose to designate your gift to any of our shelters or programs, those dollars will be directed per your instructions. You will receive an official tax receipt letter in the mail within a few weeks.

Thank you for supporting the tens of thousands of animals who are impacted by Humane Pennsylvania and its programs and services.