Both the Humane League of Lancaster County and the Humane Society of Berks County do not accept all animal surrenders. You are encouraged to contact us for an appointment.  If you have found a stray animal, please click on our Animal Control/Strays link for more information.

As of, Monday, November 4, 2019 we will be unable to accept surrendered or stray animals at The Humane Society of Berks County due to construction and renovation.

If you wish to surrender your pet, pet surrenders are by appointment only, and you will be required to provide a photo ID, and you must agree to and sign the Surrender Policy.

All animals surrendered to Humane Pennsylvania (HPA) become the immediate property of the HPA and will not be returned.  While every effort is made to find every animal a permanent adoptive home, that cannot be guaranteed. HPA offers many programs and services that may help you to keep your pet where it belongs- with you.

Suggested Litter Fees:

  • Mom Cat and Nursing Kittens: $50 fee
  • Litter of Weaned Kittens: $25 fee


Services for the relinquishment of owned and stray animals exist in every county in Pennsylvania.  Because of our excellent reputation and the ease of access to our surrender services, animals from outside of our counties are brought to our facilities with increasing regularity. While we wish to continue to offer relinquishment services to everyone, the cost of doing so at no charge is prohibitive.

Effective January 25, 2017, all Humane Pennsylvania (HPA) shelters will charge a $50.00 “Out of County Fee” for any animals relinquished to a HPA shelter that originate outside of the county the shelter is located in. This applies to all species, whether stray or surrender.

This rule applies when an animal originates outside of the county that the HPA shelter is in, meaning that animals from Lancaster County that are dropped off at our Berks shelter will be charged the Out of County Fee, and animals dropped off at our Lancaster shelter that originate in Berks will be charged as well.

Please call your preferred shelter location if you have any questions regarding this new policy. We thank you for your understanding.