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Spike’s Pet Pantry: No Pet Hungry

Spike’s Pet Pantry is a pet food bank program which provides resources, specifically food, and nutrition education for pet owners in need. The ultimate goal is to prevent pet surrender due to food insecurity or temporary hardship.

This program is in alignment with the mission of Humane Pennsylvania to provide accessible resources for families facing pet food insecurity. As opposed to families having to surrender their furry family member due to momentary difficulties, Spike’s Pet Pantry provides proper nutrition for pets to remain in their familiar and loving environments. Karl Minor, President and CEO of Humane Pennsylvania highlights the importance of this program within the community by stating…

“A main reasons why pets are surrendered is pet food insecurity. Sadly, animals die because families cannot fed their pets. The Spike’s Pet Pantry program helps ensure pets in our community are happy, healthy, and well-fed at home.”

One of the most effective ways to decrease the number of animals in shelters is to keep them from entering in the first place.  When hard times lead good pet owners to have to make the decision to feed their pet or feed their family, Humane Pennsylvania’s Spike’s Pet Pantry Program is there to make that decision a little easier.

If you know of an individual or family in need of  Spike’s Pet Pantry services in Berks or Lancaster Counties, or if you would like to donate food and supplies to Humane Pennsylvania, contact Tawny Kissinger, Lifesaving Programs Coordinator, at tkissinger.humanepa@gmail.com or call either shelter: The Humane Society of Berks County at 610-921-2348 or the Humane League of Lancaster County at 717-393-6551.