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If you have lost or found a pet, you should report it to Humane Pennsylvania immediately! The sooner you report a pet lost or found, the sooner we can begin searching for the pet or its owner.

You may file your report online or by calling Humane Pennsylvania’s Freedom Center for Animal Life-Saving in Reading at (610) 921-2348 or The Lancaster Center for Animal Life-Saving at (717) 393-6551.

Lost pets may also be taken to a variety of agencies or be kept by finders while they search for a lost pet’s owner. Humane PA may not have this information. Please also check with other animal shelters in your area, your local police or animal control agency, and any social media “lost pet” resources.  Consider visiting shelters personally to look at all animals currently housed there and you should contact the shelters daily to follow up on your report.  Waiting as little as two days could result in your pet being adopted to a new family!

Each year, hundreds of stray pets are not reunited with their owners because they do not have proper identification, because their owner waited too long to contact local shelters, or because the animals were not correctly matched to reports. Please help us to help you to the best of our ability by providing us with the information and assistance we need.


Humane Pennsylvania is a proud partner of the Petco Love Lost platform.

Petco offers this new facial recognition app that helps reunite lost pets with their rightful owners. Humane Pennsylvania is proudly partnering with Petco in order to increase the chances of getting animals back into their furever homes!

To view our current listing of strays and to register, visit


You may also file your report directly with Humane PA using the web forms below:

If you would like to report a lost/missing animal, please use this form. 

If you would like to report an animal you’ve found, please use this form.