sart-logo2Berks CART – Because it can happen here. Are you prepared?

Humane Pennsylvania is a longtime leader in ensuring a strong and ready response to emergencies and natural disasters.  Before Katrina drew attention to the peril of pets and people during disasters, Humane Pennsylvania’s partner organization the Humane Society of Berks County was the first animal welfare organization to lead a County Animal Response Team (Berks CART) as part of Pennsylvania’s nationally recognized PA State Animal Response Team.

Since 2004, Humane Pennsylvania has taken the lead in emergency and disaster response in our region and beyond through the County Animal Response Team (Berks CART). Humane Pennsylvania staff and volunteers have set up and managed emergency shelters during ice storms, hurricanes and floods and served around the nation as team partners for national organizations.

Local, state, and federal government can’t do it on their own and, when it comes to animals, they need the help of experts like Humane Pennsylvania’s staff and volunteers.  In order to be there for them, we need you to be there for us.  For information on how you can support Humane Pennsylvania’s emergency response efforts, contact Damon March, Chief Operating Officer at