Milo (234970) Lancaster: Introducing Milo, a charming 5-year-old neutered male orange tabby with a heart full of warmth and a gentle demeanor. Though initially shy, Milo quickly warms up to those who show him patience and kindness, revealing his friendly and affectionate nature. With his striking orange coat and captivating eyes, Milo’s beauty is matched only by his gentle personality. He appreciates the calm and quiet moments, finding comfort in cozy spots and observing the world around him. Once he feels comfortable, Milo enjoys gentle cuddles and chin scratches, melting into your touch with contentment. While he may be a bit reserved, Milo’s sweetness and quiet companionship make him an ideal feline friend for those who appreciate a tranquil and loving presence. Milo’s endearing personality and shy charm will surely win over your heart as he blossoms into a treasured member of your family.